About Festival Eufonija

The 4th International Festival of Accordion and Chamber music “Eufonija”

Novi Sad, Serbia, May 23 – 26th , 2019


The International Festival of Accordion and Chamber music “Eufonija” originated from the desire to create a manifestation in our city that will gather young and talented accordionists, eminent musicians and pedagogues, and serve the promotion of classical artistic music and repertoire for the accordion, thus contributing to the development of the position of artists on accordion at the international level.

The festival includes three segments: competitive, educational (lectures by eminent artists from the classical art world) and cultural segment (evening concerts).

In the past three years of its existence, we’ve managed to establish a cooperation with the renowned festival of accordion from Pula – Croatia, trying to improve the international promotion of young accordionists.

We have influenced the creation of new pieces for accordion and ensembles with accordion, and the work we are particularly proud of is the first Serbian concert for Accordion and Orchestra “Memoria in Aeterna”, written by Lazar Djordjevic, written in 2017 as a part of celebration of an important jubilee for Novi Sad’s artistic accordion – 100 years of birth of the composer Rudolf Brucci.

Within the educational segment, we organize lectures by prominent pedagogues and artists from the country and abroad, which are accredited by the relevant state institutions in charge of improving education.